The New Courage: Consciousness & Accountability

The last ten years have been an awakening. The major challenges I would not have chosen consciously (like losing my voice), but the subconscious has ways of teaching us lessons of life.

I have always been conscious and aware, generally optimistic, and take responsibility for my actions and my part in relationships and this creative process called Life. I always ask myself, “how did I attract this?” so that I don’t fall into victim mode and give my power away. I understand how important it is for us to be accountable and hold others accountable.

There’s a new epidemic on the planet: pathological liars, “spin,” from media and con-artists, sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissism, etc. Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), is the term used by the American Psychiatric AssociationDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Mental health professionals generally estimate that 3% of men and 1% of women in the United States have ASPD. That would be 4.5 million men and 1.5 million women, for a total of 6 million people. Psychiatrists generally refer to these people as sociopaths.

Information on personality disorders:

Who do personally know who falls into one of these categories? 

Personally, I was challenged by a sociopath (in an intimate relationship) who thought he could control me by verbal abuse and insults, blaming, and threats of physical abuse. I got off lightly, unlike other women and their kids, as he never crossed the physical abuse line, but he continually harrassed and attempted to intimidate me until I filed a restraining order in court (held him accountable). 

I also know many fathers who are mortified and astonished at the attempt (and sometimes success) by the ex-wife in her attempt to alienate their children from a healthy relationship with him, and will stop at nothing to control, manipulate and tell lies (including allegations of child abuse) about the father so she can have the children all to herself. This leads to emotionally damamged children and massive amounts of time and money spent by the father to have a normal relationship with his kids. Many of these fathers have held the mother accountable, won in court, and maintained the relationship with their kids! (there are fathers who are alienators too).

What about local and Federal government coverups, lies and spin?

Speaking out for fellow Marine Scott Olsen, attacked by the local police in an “Occupy Oakland” rally:

America’s national treasure, the American wild horse, now being decimated because of loophole created during the Bush administration in the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971, also being exacerbated by the Obama administration (I voted for Obama, I thought Dems were pro-species)?:


These are all difficult issues and are complex. However, if you are a balanced person, following your intuition and know something is not right and you are conscious, do you have the courage to hold these people accountable? And how do you do this? Yes, it’s challenging and sometimes scary to call people on their shit, but the time is always now! 

Are you a new Conscious revolutionary?

©Shelley Carlisle 2011


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    Stan and Ida Gurvis

    We found this info very interesting. Thank you for sending it to us

  2. You’re welcome Stan! : )

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