The Stars are Aligning…& I’m on the Cover of Stepmom Magazine!

Shelley Stepmom Magazine Cover Aug 2018.jpg

It’s been six years since I wrote my last blog. 2012 was a year of amazing events including my third wedding to my husband of almost 10 years (yes the third time is a charm!), a busy stepmom/parenting life with plenty of drama and challenges, our youngest chubby cheeked boy starting Kindergarten, and our first real summer vacation with our then 5 and 7 year old boys. 

It’s been 14 years since I lost my voice in Santa Fe from 2004 – 2005 (yes it sounded like I had laryngitis for a year, without any diagnosis or solutions) and all the time spent since then has been with an urgent vision of getting my voice back up to speed so I could continue to sing the songs I love on stage. Alas, you cannot rush things. The Universe has a way of leading us down the meandering, rather than straight path. 

Finally now, in 2018 – I’ve made the commitment to myself and it’s all action, action, action, creation, creation, creation. I’ve done the work. I’ve meandered through the paths of failure and success. I’ve paid my dues. Now I’m getting back to myself – the most important relationship to nurture, as all healthy relationships stem from loving yourself and loving your life. 

My website is up, I’ve got a few songs and paintings for sale. I’m getting some voice coaching, taking a wheel pottery class and getting a handle on how to put my work and myself out there. And I’m on the cover of Stepmom Magazine!! Alignment is here….so sweet…and I am looking forward to more hard work, challenges and luscious time in creating the life that I came the planet to share! 

It’s about time for this late bloomer! 


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