Video and process photos from the Mills College MFA Thesis Art Exhibition, May 2022

Below is a “teaser” video and several process photos of the creation and installation of Primordial. This was a labor of love and exploration into a new realm of my art practice. Much experimentation and testing went into choosing the materials, and how I was going to create an immersive, reflective exhibit that you wouldn’t want to leave. The dichroic film on the walls was especially difficult to source and install but created ripples of color and light around the room from the video projection, creating an eerie and engaging experience. I decided not to install the cut mirror tree trunks and keep the room as simple as possible. However, these beauties will find their way into another installation sometime in the near future.

The installation is an honoring of the Sacred Feminine, enticing the audience to feel like they are in a womb-like meditative space, ruminating on the destruction of our forests = Sacred Feminine, necessary for survival of life on this planet. I also hope to instill a sense of urgency, empathy, compassion and how we, as a human species, can transition from non-renewable devastation of our natural resources to birthing and re-embracing sustainable and balanced natural resource usage and protection. Materials: dichroic film, installed on the wall with circular transparent wall mounting “tape,” original and found video footage and images projected into corner of wall with a circular cutout of the dichroic film. Music is my original song. Room size 20x16x10’. You can view the entire video on the VIDEO page under Experimental Films.

*Note that there is sometimes music from another installation wafting into my installation.

This video shows my installation with the corner video, viewed from sitting still in the center of the room.

This video of my installation is moving around the entire room while the corner video plays in its entirety.

This video shows entry into the installation and one minute of the video.

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