This film was created from original and found footage and images for my immersive installation room in the Mills College MFA Exhibition May 2022. It address the heinous destruction of forests all over the world, a major cause of climate change. Healthy trees and forests, which represent and embody the Sacred Feminine, are necessary for survival of all life on this planet. Soundtrack is my original instrumental music.

Fade to Black

2022. This animated experimental video abstractly narrates how humans “flush resources down the toilet” (specifically trees in this work) while failing to sustainably manage our natural resources. Original and found footage, along with cut out animation.


2022. Dryad is a word that defines an Oak tree spirit, from ancient Greek mythology. This film explores the dream of a Dryad as she witnesses her own tree-self and beloved forest family threatened and potentially irresponsibly destroyed by humans for short term gain (what is happening all over the world right now).


2021. 2D cut out animation of Medusa. In this animated short film, she is no longer vilified by patriarchy and is reclaiming her sacred feminine power within herself, mythology and society. With a clip of my original song, “Truce.” Note that the animation repeats several times.


2021. A “chapter book” film highlights actual events in failed relationships, from a WOMAN’s point of view. Themes of domestic violence and reclaiming one’s power. It is my voice on three of the songs: Fever, The Look of Love and Woman. Found footage.

Circo Quirko

2021. Circo Quirko is a tongue-in-cheek satire created with archival mid-century footage and music. This piece re-contextualizes the normative nature of circuses and circus-like shows in the 20th century. Set to the famously fun song “Papa Love Mambo” by Perry Como, I created this film to remind us that child endangerment, abuse of animals and discrimination against women is not cool, yet we can chuckle nervously at the story as it bounces along to the soundtrack.

Little Pibble

2021. A true story. I found a tiny newborn pitbull on the side of the road, she was deceased and still had some of her umbilical cord still attached. This is an experimental video to honor this sweet being.


2020. Meditative video of original beach sounds and footage along with text.

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