On Being Valued & “Funemployed”

I’m valuing myself at this very moment at Di Pietro Todd, watching my colorist (Brooke) work her magic. She said I looked “sparkly” this morning (not a usual morning look for me)! Wow, words of confirmation of my value and my choice to be “funemployed,” (Adam Rifkin*, if you are reading this, I just love this term-thank you-it sums up how we all can view and benefit from our time off, by choice or not).

In my funemployment, I’m as happy as a Labrador retriever chasing a ball: doing what I want when I want, smiling a lot, having fun, resting, writing, and focusing on how very important it is to create income in concert with my passions & values.

This has been a challenge in the past but I now have a better handle it now–why spend 40+ hours per week doing what we hate? What kind of life is that? We live in different times now, and if we can choose to look beyond what we should do, alas the unknown presents itself in a myriad of new possibility and opportunity. When one door closes, another one opens!

Do you value yourself? This is key and the first step to being valued by others, in every environment. Evaluate your current situation and observe how it mirrors how you feel about yourself! And what are your values? Does your workplace and your relationships share your values? If not, question this and move on, let go. Your happiness and health depend on it.

You deserve the best, so imagine yourself living your dreams NOW and change your story to reflect who you want to be, not who you were or who you are (unless you love who you are of course!). Raa raa raa!

Always wanted to be a cheerleader….lol

©Shelley Carlisle 2011


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