On Pink Unicorns & Skeptics

When the title above came to me, I had no clue that the term, “pink unicorn” actually has a following called the “invisible pink unicorn,” (with many skeptics, of course!). Whoa, my Dog, it’s amazing all the information available on this topic!

But this was not the reason I wrote this blog.

I was merely writing this post as an inspiration from a blog Deepak Chopra wrote the other day, on “Why God’s Future Depends on Science.” I was surprised and dismayed at not only the endless skeptical commentary about this progressive science that is bridging the gap to spirituality/God, but the personal comments to me as well, laced with skepticism and righteous indignation, with an acerbic mix of judgment, accusation and criticism that goes along with these type of fear-based attacks.

In response to my comment “we create our own reality” in the thread, someone wrote: “I like my reality it has pink unicorns. What color are the unicorns in your reality?”  Ha. Ha. Admittedly, that really annoyed me. They weren’t getting my point, nor looking with an open mind into the discussion, and were cutting me down in order make themselves feel better about something they don’t understand.

I avoided getting lured into a “comment war;” I didn’t respond any more to any of the comments. I let it go. Ha. Ha. 

I’m not one to judge, at least I have been working on that. I’m not a skeptic, atheist, nor do I subscribe to this particular group of “invisible pink unicorn” worshippers. I believe in a non-gender God, a spirituality, an energy that is “bigger” than us in the Universal sense, but that we are an integral part of. It is my belief that God is us and we are God, or The Universe is us and we are the Universe.

This is what Quantum Physicists confirms, that we are not part of the whole, we ARE the whole; there is no separation, we are all connected; consciousness creates our individual reality…the who, what, where, why and when, and that we create our physicalness through our consciousness. Deepak Chopra explains this beautifully.

I realize it can be very scary to explore the unknown and possibilities we thought could never exist when we can’t wrap our heads around new discoveries and concepts and information that goes against every fiber in our being that we have believed our whole lives. And sometimes we intensely resist the opportunity presenting itself right in front of our face because of our ego or our attachment to what we believe to be true and how we perceive things. I am guilty of that on occasion.

One thing is true: the possibilities are endless; the sky’s the limit…now even that phrase is too limiting! How exciting! Wouldn’t you love to be empowered in this way and take control of you life and your reality?  I know some of you reading this are already there enjoying the magic and mystery of your life. 

BTW, I never said anything about having pink unicorns or creating them in my current reality, at least not at the moment… Ha. Ha.

However, I have been not only inspired to write this blog, but to write a book! 

Stay tuned….

©Shelley Carlisle 2011


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