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After losing my voice for the entire year of 2004 when I was at the highest point of my professional jazz singing, I never really recovered my singing voice, or I never really re-committed to fully performing since then. However, I’ve been composing mostly instrumental music in my home studio the past few years which you can purchase/download on this site. I’ve sung a little bit on some recordings that I have not published, but without the confidence I used to embrace.

A funny thing happened earlier this year. I decided to go back to college (College of Marin) and take a couple of classes: drawing and digital music. I have a BFA from several decades ago. What I thought would be inspiring and get me into the commitment phase of singing never happened (although my composing improved). It kind of fizzled out.

But in the drawing class, I dove in deep and rekindled my love of creating art, and realized hey I’m pretty good at this drawing thing! In 2018 I had completed several paintings: one with three of my former dogs, capturing their personalities and spirit and two energetic abstracts. Coupled with the varied ages of the students and massive talent in the drawing class, and the inspiring instructor, I found myself opening to areas of creating art that I had not accessed before. Then dropping in like a meteor, it hit me that I wanted to go back to college and pursue and MFA degree in order fully embrace and expand getting my art out into the world, and teaching at the high school or college level.

The image with this blog is my recent “abstract” – or at least it started that way. From a blob of black paint, the Pug dog emerged and levitated, in Sedona, on red rocks! 😉 Dogs have always been an inspiration into joy and humor, and being present with “what is.” This painting emerged from that place (11×14, $250 – see Purchase page for details).

So here I am, getting my portfolio ready for MFA admissions deadlines in January and February of 2020, to start the program in the Fall of 2020. I’ve completed 9 works and need to submit 15-20 by January. It’s exciting and daunting. The schools I’m considering are UC Davis, Mills College, SF State, CA College of the Arts, SF Art Institute, and possibly Stanford and San Jose State. I have toured most of the colleges and it’s been an interesting expose of the private vs State schools.

I finally have a clear career path, even at my age. Better late than never. And often it takes time to truly know who you are and what you want out of life. I’m on my way!

Wish me luck!

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