July 31st – August 4th, Grass Valley California

Easy 2D Cutout Animation & Introduction to iMovie Editing. Ages 10+ Summer Camp

Center for the Arts. This adventurous course will take you on an imaginative journey of bringing a story to life through the magic of two-dimensional cutout animation. As the course progresses, you can try more complicated, longer animations and green screen production, layering and editing your animation in iMovie will be introduced. Click here for more information and to register! These videos below were made by my students in my previous class.


April 12th – May 17th 2023, Grass Valley California

Easy 2D Cutout Animation

Center for the Arts. An age 12+ class, one day per week on Wednesday evenings. My students created wonderful animations!

May 25th 2022, Oakland California

Public Program, Easy Animation

This program was a 15 minute live Instagram presentation, in alignment with the MFA Thesis Exhibition at Mills College.

I did a quick instruction on how to set up and create an easy 2D cutout animation.

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